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18K Solid Gold Angel Wing Ash Necklace

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18K Solid Gold high quality ash necklace. Created to keep your loved ones close with this Angel Wing Ashes pendant. Designed to be filled with a token amount of ashes from your loved one. A gloss surface on one side of the ash necklace for engrave with a message or patterns of your choosing. 

Product Details

One Angel Wing Memorial Pendant

9K or 18K Solid Gold hallmarked

Pendant dimensions: 3.3 H x 1.0 W x 0.6 D cm

18″ + 2″ (45 cm +5cm) additional High Polished 18k Gold plated chain

What is Included

One Angel Wing Cremation Pendant 

Stamped with hallmark

18k Gold Vermeil Chain

Gift box & Gift Card

Funnel and instructions

Free shipping within the UK

Optional Engraving

We can engrave a pattern, small message, a name or a date on the the pendant. It is great for ashes gift. 
Please note, with engraving it will come with additional cost and time, please contact us or call us on 0800 064668 for more details.

Made with love in London


Cremation Jewellery Quality

If you want a high quality ashes jewellery look no further. It brings closeness, comfort and peace to the ones left behind.

Crafted from hallmarked 9K or 18K Gold. This Solid Gold Angel Wing Ashes to Jewellery Necklace has a gloss surface on one side.  You can choose to engrave with a message or patterns of your choosing.


Hold Ashes Securely

This ash pendant is designed to be filled with a token amount of ashes from your loved one. We provide the small fennel and instruction needed to do this at home.  You can keep a small amount of cremated ashes, lock of hair, crushed flower, dirt or sand from your memorable location, or any tiny objects you wish to keep close to you in the Gold Urn Pendant. After filled, seal the pendant with the threaded stopper screw, we do recommend using a modelling glue or epoxy to make a permanent seal.

You can wear the Pendant close to you everyday or display it in a glass dome.

Alternatively, take a look at our gold plated pendant. Or Check out our sister website for more jewellery ideas,  alternatively we are also opened a shop on Etsy 

We understand that some people may be uncomfortable with the thought of filling the jewellery piece themselves. You funeral director can also fill the Cremation Jewellery with you loved ones ashes for you, if you don’t feel comfortable handling ashes yourself.

Care for Your Solid Gold Angel Wing Memorial  Necklace

To care for your gold cremation jewellery: –

Sold Gold ashes into Jewellery carries emotional value as well as really value.  It is essential to take good care of it.

Avoid contact with chemicals, over exposure to any chemical may lead to damaging the integrity of the metal. e.g. Chlorine in the swimming pool.

Store then individually so they don’t scratches.  and go to professional stores for a quick clean.