Kevin from Jewellery AE

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Kevin Foy, originally from the north east of the England. After spent 20 years in London, now resides in hilly beautiful southeast Kent, with my lovely girlfriend Amie, and two cats Albert and Lyla.

Kevin has been in the jewellery and diamond industry since 2015. 

Kevin is the Swiss Algordanza Celebration and Cremation Diamond UK & Ireland partner. Focus per and post sales customer services and for Algordanza in the UK and Ireland.

Delivering  celebration diamonds for many special occasions, as well as heart warming cremation diamond for our customers who lost their loved one.  

Specialising in dedication designs inspired by classical deigns and nature. 

“I saw that not only is jewellery beautiful but also is much much more than that by adding a reassuring togetherness to keep your loved ones close to your heart at all times and keeping a connection.

Many of you entered my adventure and your belief in me encouraged me to developed my own jewellery shop, attractive, affordable items, created for real life, plausible fashion alternative, jewellery for remembrance and celebration"

- Kevin